Heal For Life Foundation began as one person's dream, to meet a very specific need: to establish a safe place for survivors of childhood trauma to find healing. To be empwered to heal from the effects of their childhood trauma, such as depression, anxiety, suicide idealation, mental illness and adverse coping strategies.

We empower people to heal themselves from childhood trauma and abuse. Our trauma recovery programs have helped over 8,500 people to heal. We can help you too.
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72 Belford Street, Broadmeadow, New South Wales, 2292, Australia  
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  Excellent, friendly and warm staff <3

Excellent, friendly and warm staff <3

  I am so grateful for everything I learne

I am so grateful for everything I learned in this program. I was so surprised by the power of being with other survivors. It took a lot of courage to attend but it was worth it. The changes I've had in my life one year on are deep and lasting, life just keeps getting better. I am proud to say I have recovered fully from the worst period of my adult life, and I am no longer depressed or suffering from PTSD. Reading Liz's book "Heal For Life" after doing the program, helped alot also, it's something I keep with me and recommend to other survivors.

  I know of no other place like it, I am s

I know of no other place like it, I am so grateful Heal For Life exists, it has had such a long-lasting, positive and powerful impact on my life, and continues to be a place I would gladly recommend and support ongoingly. I have met many wonderful people in the Heal For Life community who I love and value highly.

  Heal for Life gave me back my life. Whe

Heal for Life gave me back my life. Where I was stuck great healing occurred. Over time I began to regain my sovereignty and was also able to help others who needed to transcend the blockages we experience when trauma froze us in time. It's a truly beautiful, empowering journey back to wholeness and liberation. I am beyond grateful to Liz Mullinar and all those who are dedicated to helping those of us who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse.

  Heal for Life has been a huge part of my

Heal for Life has been a huge part of my healing journey, it has allowed me to develop a loving relationship with myself, it has strengthened my relationship with my mum and have empowered me to live my life more fully everyday. Have maintained a physical connection to the property by being involved in a safe learning environment and I always know I can come back to heal further if I feel I need to. I have to say my favourite part about the Heal for Life Foundation is that if you truly are in need and want to heal then there is no barrier that cannot be overcome, just talk to the wonderful people in the Heal for Life office.

  I am forever grateful for the experience

I am forever grateful for the experience I had at HFL. I take with me skills and changes which are still helping me to live my best, most courageous and healthy life possible. I have learned that loving yourself is not just some myth. The retreat is on beautiful land maintained and staffed but beautiful caring people. Would recommend to anyone struggling with making sense of themselves.

  Very welcoming, loving place that for th

Very welcoming, loving place that for the first time, helped me realise that I am OK, worthy and that life can change for the better. I learned skills at Heal For Life that I have been able to apply every day since leaving which has helped me grow stronger and stronger in my mental and emotional health. I would recommend it to anyone who has had persistent struggles with their mental health. I didn't realise some of my experiences in childhood were actually traumatic for me. Realising this helped me let go of a lot of shame and grief. It's an amazing place.

  A really great experience. Thank you Liz

A really great experience. Thank you Liz and all at the retreat. Highly recommended.

  Heal for life was a such a valuable expe

Heal for life was a such a valuable experience. It was a private retreat where the counsellors were able to offer a safe and peaceful space to work through so many challenging things. Highly recommend

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